Pre-Degree Programme at a glance

The Pre-degree program is aimed at preparing students for admission into the courses of their choice.  Admission into a chosen course of study at AE-FUNAI through the Pre-degree is exclusively dependent on the candidate’s good performance at the Pre-degree program, the possession of an acceptable current JAMB score and possession of the basic 5 O’ Level credits relevant to the chosen of course.  Basically, the program will achieve the following important objectives.

  1. Assists and prepares students for admission into the various degree programs so long as such students present a fresh acceptable JAMB score.  This means that such students will not have to write the Post-UME of AE-FUNAI before being accepted into 100L.
  2. Previews and summarizes for students some of the courses they will be offering in their first year in school which will help them to have a handle on such courses when the time comes.
  3. Prepares students who will want to apply to other Universities for those courses which are not offered in FUNAI.
  4. Finally, the program offers students a very congenial platform of getting used to Babcock University’s life and culture so as to help such students have a smooth transition and integration into the degree program without any hassles.

The objectives of the Pre-Degree Program include the following:

  1. Prepare students for further studies
  2. Inculcate in students knowledge, skills and attributes for the world of work.
  3. Provide a course of study, which prepares candidates for entry into the Undergraduate Program at 100 level.


The programme runs for ten months only.

Entry Requirements

Since the Pre-degree program is preparatory in design, candidates who have passed out of secondary school are accepted with or without their complete O’ level papers.  The program also prepares candidates intending to write the various O’ Level exams within the academic session. However, such candidates MUST submit their complete result by the end of the second semester of the program before they can be shortlisted for the undergraduate courses of choice.

N/B: All students in the program are advised to obtain the JAMB form, write the exam and secure the acceptable cut-off mark for that year to be eligible for Degree program.

Sale of Admission Forms

Sale of forms begins normally around June/July of every year and ends in September unless there is a slight shift in calendar.  Always refer to our website- for latest news and information on commencement of sales of forms.

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